Evince Technology is developing breakthrough electron devices using synthetic-diamond – considered by many to be the ultimate material for electronics. But despite its huge undoubted potential, technologists have struggled to find a commercially viable way of making practical diamond devices.

We have found the solution to this problem. We have torn up the semiconductor rulebook and gone back to fundamentals, starting with the device that actually kick-started the electronics revolution at the turn of the 20th century – the thermionic valve (or tube).

Using modern semiconductor manufacturing techniques, coupled with our proprietary Embedded Electron Emission technology, we make solid-state electron devices and sources at the microelectronic scale. These unite the best characteristics of valves with the efficiencies of modern semiconductors. By fully exploiting diamond's unique properties, our devices promise performance levels that far outstrip anything available today.

How our Technology will be applied is down to the device developers and manufacturers who want to work with us to gain first mover advantage using our unique practical approach. We're open to talk business.

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